WOLFMATE Digital Weight Is A Revolution For Fitness
There is no doubt that digital weight technology is the future of fitness equipment, but when purchasing digital weight fitness equipment, you must look for servo motor technology.

Only servo motors can truly achieve precision/safety/stability, which is why industrial robots widely use servo motors. Other motors, can only be used in fields with low precision requirements such as motorcycles.Each rotation of the servo motor is controlled by up to 130,000 pulse signals. If only one pulse signal is given to it, it only rotates 1/130,000 of a circle, which is very accurate.

In addition, Its unique encoder real-time feedback signal and vector control algorithm can correct the actual output torque/ position/speed of the motor at any time, thus ensuring that the power/position/speed output by the motor is extremely accurate/safe/stable.

WOLFMATE‘s unique servo control technology patent, the product has passed up to 1,000,000 tension tests to ensure the accuracy/safety/stability and accurate data feedback of each tension.