About Wolfmate

Wolfmate is a Montreal-based high tech fitness company, revolutionizing the home gym experience, providing affordable smart fitness equipment and online coaching at a fraction of the price of traditional gyms. Wolfmate leads the fitness industry, deploying the most advanced robot motor technology in all its smart fitness equipment, transforming your home into your gym. Featuring flexible subscription models and personalized online coaching at 1/3 of the price of conventional personal trainers, Wolfmate is here to support your fitness journey every step of the way. 

Our Mission

In the future, most people will exercise at home with high tech equipment at a lower price than traditional gyms. We are revolutionizing the fitness industry now:

  • Launch of four cutting-edge smart fitness and the leading servo motor technology.
  • Ability to rent smart fitness equipment for as low as $19.99 CAD per month.
  • Flexible subscription models. No functions lockdown if subscription is cancelled.
  • Affordable subscription fees. $15.99 per month compared to the competition’s $39 and $59 per month.
  • Online coaching at ⅓ of the price of traditional personal trainers.