Darcie Dancer
"The H1 is very unique and unlike any other fitness equipment that I have ever worked with. I'm a personal trainer and I did this for 7 years, so I know how important a training equipment is for a person who want to gain muscle, lost weight and get fit, but there are so many options in the market!! This one! the H1 brings all to you, it almost gives everything you need to workout in a gym. I already tried this machine with some of my clients and they are love it! The result is very optimistic! It is worth to give a try!"
Timur Ex Stanford Football Sport Performance Coach
"I'm the guy who loves new techs, but be honest, I'm doubt that this machine will shock me before I actually used it. It feels so different compares to the weight training in the gym, in a good way of course. I really feel my training is getting maximized with this monster. The resistance is so solid and the ranges of it covered all of my training limits. Love it, and recommend others to try."
Deanna Leggett Dancer
"just get it yesterday and play with it for one hour. I can't wait to write some good stuff about this equipment! It is so AMAZING! I never trained like yesterday! It is so intense and so efficient! I don't think I will go back to gym anymore, this stuff is more than enough for me!"
Ross Jirgl Ex Stanford Football Sport Performance Coach
"It is weird at first, very different to a normal dumbbell or smith machine, you need sometime to get used to it, after you do, it will blow your mind every exercise"
Deanna Leggett Dancer
"I spend lots of money and space for my old garage gym, I don’t want do the same thing for my new house. Then this treasure shows up and save my headache, a piece of modern art fitness device, only take a small part of my basement, and did everything my old garage gym does, impressive."