In these Terms and Conditions:

‘DECORAPORT’ means Decoraport International Ltd., who is dedicated to online distribution on decoration materials, home & garden, furniture, appliances, electronics, sports & outdoor and others in Canada and United States.

‘DECORAPOINT’ means a reward point given to the member who signs up, makes a qualifying purchase on DECORAPORT website and other marketing activities determined by DECORAPORT.

'Gifts' are defined as the goods and/or services offered to Members in exchange for sufficient amount of DECORAPOINTs or as a rewards of his/her online spending or as a rewards of his/her first visit to DECORAPORT’s showroom.

‘Membership’ means those arrangements by which a Member agrees to participate in the program and receives benefits and services by purchasing qualifying goods and services from DECORAPORT website.

‘Member’ is defined as an individual person who registered online on DECORAPORT website at or

‘Business Customer’ is defined as a legal entity in Canada who intends to buy in bulk online on DECORAPORT website at or Prove of business entity and address must be submitted to DECORAPORT for examination.


Membership of DECORAPORT is free. No Joining fee and annual fee. Only individuals above 18 years may be Members. Any individual who wishes to become a Member must agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, as varied from time to time. Each Member will be issued with a Membership Number.

As a Member, he/she will enjoy the following benefits:

Free Shipping
*Restrictions apply.
Receive coupon for special events
Accumulate DECORAPOINTs and redeem cash
Receive Cash Back Bonus (Gift Cards) by reaching specific spending amount
Receive E-Newsletters from DECORAPORT twice a month

Members will be requested to provide information during online registration (where information such as name, billing address, contact numbers, email address is mandatory).

DECORAPORT may refuse an application for Membership and reserves the right not to disclose the reasons for such refusal. A Membership Number will be provided free.

DECORAPORT may terminate a Membership without notice and for any reason, including if the Member fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions:

  • Supplies any misleading information or makes any misrepresentations to DECORAPORT;
  • Abuses any privilege accorded to the Member under the programme;
  • Engages in any fraudulent activities under the programme;

Termination of Membership will result in forfeiture of remaining DECORAPOINT in a Member’s Account.

DECORAPORT reserves the right to send DECORAPOINTs Summary Statement, catalogues or other promotional literature to a Member at its own discretion.

Any tax arising from a Member’s participation in the programme is the responsibility of the Member.

2.Membership Category

Members will be rewarded DECORAPOINTs or COUPON by participating in the activities summarized below. He/ She may also earn DECARAPOINTs or COUPON in other marketing activities specified by DECORAPORT from time to time.

Rewards Point Earning ApproachDECORAPOINTCOUPON
Register 500 -
Every $1 in purchases 1 -
Write a review or share purchases after receiving products 20 -
Customer birthday occurs (not available at this time)
*With a minimum purchase of $100 for using the coupon
- $5

DECORAPOINTs earned by the Member will be recorded in a Member’s Account.

DECORAPORT will forward a Monthly DECORAPOINTs Summary E-Statement (electronically) to the Member’s e-mail account in DECORAPORT’s record setting out the opening DECORAPOINT balance, DECORAPOINT recorded and deducted during the period and the closing DECORAPOINT balance.

DECORAPOINTs earned are valid for up to one (1) year. All DECORAPOINTs must be redeemed prior to their expiry.

3.DECORAPOINTs Redemption

Member with sufficient DECORAPOINTs is eligible to redeem. Redemption orders once accepted by DECORAPORT cannot be revoked, cancelled, returned or exchanged, and the affected DECORAPOINTs will not be reinstated.

DECORAPORT may at any time and without notice, change, eliminate, or terminate the DECORAPOINTs earning and redemption procedures and offerings. DECORAPORT, at its discretion, may not show the full list of redemption tiers on marketing materials. Upon redemption of DECORAPOINTs, the DECORAPOINTs will immediately be deducted from Member’s account. Once DECORAPOINTs are redeemed, DECORAPOINTs cannot be credited back to Member’s account. When returning items paid with cash redemption, the cash redemption will be refunded to Member in the form of DECORAPOINTs. The sale or barter of DECORAPOINTS, or any other award or benefit (other than by DECORAPORT) is expressly prohibited. Any DECORAPOINTs, award, or benefit transferred, assigned, or sold in violation of the terms and conditions will be confiscated and membership may be terminated.

Member can choose to redeem their earned DECORAPOINTs for:


When purchasing products and/or services at DECORAPORT, Member may choose to either redeem earned DECORAPOINTs or continue saving DECORAPOINTs to use on a future purchase of items and/or services. If Member elects to redeem earned DECORAPOINTs, the DECORAPOINTS will be converted into cash redemption and the value of the cash redemption will be deducted from the total price of the Member’s purchase of items and/or services from DECORAPORT.

Earned DECORAPOINTs are converted into cash redemption:

DECORAPOINTs   Cash Redemption Value
200 = $1


Cash redemption will not be paid out in cash.

b.GIFTS REDEMPTION (Not Available for the time being)

4.Deduction of Points

The number of DECORAPOINTs redeemed by a Member will be deducted from the DECORAPOINTs balance of the Member’s Account, with the oldest Points being deducted first. Any Points, which are not used by a Member to redeem within 12 months after the end of the month in which the Points were recorded, will automatically expire and be deducted from the DECORAPOINTs balance in a Member’s Account.

DECORAPORT may also deduct from the DECORAPOINTs balance in a Member’s Account, given the following circumstances:

  • Any Points suspected to be fraudulently recorded;
  • Any Points recorded in error;
  • Any Points relating to a transaction which is cancelled

DECORAPORT reserves the right to deduct any such DECORAPOINTs as stated above without notifying the Member.


5. Gift Cards

DECORAPORT Gift Card is a form of cash back bonus up to 3% to the Member. It can only be used in full or part payment for products purchased from DECORAPORT website.

A Gift Card (valid for 90 days) will be awarded to a Member who makes annual purchases with minimum accumulated amount of $2,000. The cash back scale based on annual purchases is listed in the table below.

Annual Purchases Amount   Cash Redemption Value
up to $2,000 = $20
up to $4,000 = $50
up to $7,000 = $100
up to $10,000 = $200
above $10,000 = $300

6.Free Gifts

Each day, Free Gifts will be given to first 20 visitors who make the first visit in person to DECORAPORT’s showroom located in Quebec, Canada and register on our mobile app

Member who buys more products may also receive SURPRISE Free Gifts from DECORAPORT. (Not Available for the time being)

DECORAPORT may at any time and without notice, change, eliminate, or terminate the free gifts offerings. DECORAPORT, at its discretion, may not show the gifts on marketing materials.

7. E-Newsletter

E-Newsletter will be sent (electronically) to Member’s e-mail account in DECORAPORT’s record twice every month. The E-Newsletter will show the latest offers, products new arrivals, Member’s products and Discounts.